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Put simply, we’re about helping you harness the power of entrepreneurial thinking and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Entrepreneurship is that powerful, uniquely human force that drives us forward. But tapping it can be challenging. Entrepreneurs know this better than most. Even when they are personally capable of tapping it, how to spread it to others and expand it in the face of success (or challenges to success) isn’t always clear.

Lighthouse knows how to to do that. Drawing on deep experience in starting new ventures, investing in them, and guiding them to ever greater heights, we help you:

   - Clarify Direction

   - Hone Strategy

   - Maintain Focus

   - and Evolve, Grow and Progress

We do all of these in lasting ways because we know that what true entrepreneurs want most isn’t just change for the sake of change, but to have lasting impact and to deliver great value - always.

If you want to find out how we do these things, pick your path to the right.

If it’s other things you want to know first, you can find that quickly too.

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What People Say

Larry captures the essence of entrepreneurship... as an active engagement process, and by focusing on the path and activity as opposed to the traveler/entrepreneur, he helps us gain a deeper understanding.

Errol Arkilic,

Program Manager, Industrial Innovation and Partnerships

National Science Foundation

We know and value lighthouses for what they are: by design, on the outside, by the obvious. But their greatest value is behind the scenes, the role they play when our focus is elsewhere.

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