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Forgive us for being so blunt, but we want to begin leading where you want to go by ensuring you’re starting from the right place.

For more than two decades, Lighthouse Consulting has provided entrepreneurs the guidance they need to:

  1. -clarify Direction,

  2. -hone Strategy,

  3. -maintain Focus

  4. -and Progress

If you are here because you want those results (not just services), read on.

More, if you’re looking to...

  1. -establish a venture,

  2. -scale one,

  3. -create lasting value,

  4. -or realize an entrepreneurial dream,

... chances are you’ve arrived at the right place.

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First things first: why are you here?

and what is it you’re really hoping to find?

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“While it may help to have courage, knowledge, or creativity to leave a safe harbor, what happens after you let go and chase your dream can’t be determined by you alone.”

Harry Weller

Partner, New Enterprise Associates

Established 1992

“Sounding board. Creative questioner. Insightful listener. Experienced advisor. You get all of those qualities when you get Larry on your team. His generosity and love of entrepreneurs shines through in every meeting. I highly recommend him, whether you're just starting out or leader of a large enterprise.”

Lynne Waymon,

CEO Contacts Count

“Larry is the perfect sounding board for the entrepreneur.”

Duke Chung,

Co-founder, CEO Parature

What Larry Robertson does so very well and so uniquely, is to show us the factors and the fundamentals that exist across all forms of entrepreneurship, the ones that lead to the kind of lasting change that moves us forward as communities, as nations, as human beings.

Julie Silard Kantor

Natl. VP, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

“He’s a big firm consulting brain

without all the worthless baggage.”

Mike Hubbard,

CEO, Founder

Catalyst Health Systems

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