What makes Lighthouse distinct?


One of the keys to success in any business is being cognizant of what you know and do well and what you don't. By focusing on what it knows, Lighthouse offers its best to clients and helps them to deliver their best. Lighthouse's positioning is clear:

- Guidance for growth.
- Small and medium-sized organizations.
- Entrepreneurially-minded leaders.

We believe that clear positioning and sticking with what we know best, allows Lighthouse to bring the greatest value to its clients and make us distinct from other firms. Explore each aspect of Lighthouse's positioning below to better understand what we do.

Exploring Lighthouse's Positioning.
Guidance for growth.
Lighthouse's core strength is a clear understanding of what small and medium-sized businesses go through when they grow and what it takes to manage growth successfully.

That knowledge of growth - how to plan for it, how to manage it, and how to maintain it - is what Lighthouse does best. Guidance for growth is what Lighthouse brings to the table.

Small and medium-sized organizations.
Most professional firms are built to advise large companies. Large organizations are not small or medium-sized organizations in any way, shape, or form.

If you have ever created, worked for, or run a small or medium-sized organization, you know that the needs, resources and the model for getting the job done are unique - in every way. More than a dozen years of experience has made Lighthouse an expert in how best to address the needs of such organizations.

Entrepreneurially-minded leaders.
Whether you are a leader of a new organization or a long-standing one that needs to think in new ways, Lighthouse is your best guide.

Creativity. Vision. Seized opportunity. Persistence. These are some of the characteristics that help organizations change, grow, and take advantage of new opportunities. These are also the characteristics that Lighthouse can supplement or infuse in your organization.

More than a decade of experience in working with entrepreneurially-minded leaders has made Lighthouse a guide and a leader for such leaders in periods of transition and growth.

What People Say

Larry has been at this a long time - before, during, and after the market bubble - and is one of the survivors. There are clear reasons why.”

Mary Knebel

EVP, Alarm.com

Explore Lighthouse’s 3 Ps:

3 things make Lighthouse Consulting different and better:



Proven Success

As simple as they sound, each is critical and each makes Lighthouse shine brightly above the rest.

There are clear reasons why Lighthouse Consulting has been around since 1992. Explore each. Learn how Lighthouse is distinct. See how Lighthouse can make you successful. 

Anyone who’s spent time there knows you can’t game the ocean. It isn’t predictable in a static sense. But you can learn its principles and in that way understand what it might bring or do.

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