What makes Lighthouse distinct?


Since 1992, Lighthouse Consulting has been successful in great part because of its adherence to certain basic, simple principles about how to serve its clients.

  1. -Play temporary roles

  2. -Support and enhance the client team don’t replace it

  3. -Partner with leaders

  4. -Focus on what we knows best... growth w/ lasting impact

Lighthouse believes that these principles, as simple as they are, allow it to bring the greatest value to its clients and make us distinct from other firms. Explore each principle below to better understand why Lighthouse is distinct.

Exploring the Lighthouse Principles...
Play temporary roles.
A consultant's best indicator of success is to be temporary in their role. Lighthouse is there to make you better, not to build a dependency.

Lighthouse may evolve through different roles with a client over time, but the goal is to fill any role only so long as it takes to leave you, the client, with the tools and maps you need to succeed on your own.

Support and enhance the client team, don't replace it.
Lighthouse is different - and better - than the consulting models with which you are probably most familiar. When you work with Lighthouse your team is the team. Lighthouse is the guide.

Lighthouse guides you and teaches you ways to solve your own challenges, current and future. Lighthouse supports you. We don't replace you.

Partner with leaders.
The goal at Lighthouse is to have a meaningful impact on the client's business. To do this, Lighthouse partners with its clients at the CEO and senior team level.

All businesses, but especially smaller ones, rely on their leaders to conceive, embody, and deliver the company's vision and mission. By partnering at this senior level, Lighthouse gains the broadest understanding and ensures the greatest impact on the client's business.

Focus on what Lighthouse knows best...growth.
With a diverse client base, Lighthouse clearly knows about many different industries. That knowledge and the ability to learn new businesses quickly is valuable. But what Lighthouse knows best is how to successfully guide companies - whatever their industry - through the challenges of growth.

You know your business. Lighthouse helps you manage growth challenges so you can better leverage your own expertise towards your own goals.

What People Say

“Larry Robertson has for me delicately deconstructed the concept of entrepreneurship, rebuilt it and paraded it back into my mind through many different doors.”

Jim Shaffer

Author, The Leadership Solution

Founder, Jim Shaffer Group

Explore Lighthouse’s 3 Ps:

3 things make Lighthouse Consulting different and better:



Proven Success

As simple as they sound, each is critical and each makes Lighthouse shine brightly above the rest.

There are clear reasons why Lighthouse Consulting has been around since 1992. Explore each. Learn how Lighthouse is distinct. See how Lighthouse can make you successful. 

Anyone who’s spent time there knows you can’t game the ocean. It isn’t predictable in a static sense. But you can learn its principles and in that way understand what it might bring or do.

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