Proven Success

What makes Lighthouse distinct?

Proven Success

What makes Lighthouse different? Positioning? - Yes. Principles? - Definitely. But perhaps more than anything else, and in fact in support of everything else, the success that Lighthouse has achieved makes it distinct. The proof of our success is clear:

- Longevity.
- Organizational, Individual, and Project success with clients.
- Reputation.

We invite you to explore the proof of our success.

Exploring Lighthouse's Proof of Success...
How many small consulting firms do you know of that arrive on the scene one day only to be gone the next? Plenty.

How many larger consulting firms have made brief business commitments to serving smaller organizations only to find that their methodologies and infrastructures cannot support such clients? Most.

Throughout its history, Lighthouse has been unwavering in its commitment to the unique needs and challenges of smaller organizations. You may find similar statements elsewhere, but you won't find the success and commitment of Lighthouse.

Organizational, Individual, and Project success with clients.
Lighthouse has contributed to better organizations. Lighthouse has helped individual leaders achieve personal and professional results and find satisfaction beyond their expectations. And Lighthouse has developed a reputation for always delivering more value and benefit than the project scope required.

No matter where Lighthouse has played a role, it has committed itself to success and consistently delivered.

Lighthouse invites you to browse the testimonials and case studies to gain additional insight into its exceptional reputation.

What People Say

Larry offers straight talk, practical experience, and good advice and always goes the extra mile."

Mary MacPherson

Frmr. SVP Marketing, BlackBoard

Founder, M2Works

Explore Lighthouse’s 3 Ps:

3 things make Lighthouse Consulting different and better:



Proven Success

As simple as they sound, each is critical and each makes Lighthouse shine brightly above the rest.

There are clear reasons why Lighthouse Consulting has been around since 1992. Explore each. Learn how Lighthouse is distinct. See how Lighthouse can make you successful. 

Anyone who’s spent time there knows you can’t game the ocean. It isn’t predictable in a static sense. But you can learn its principles and in that way understand what it might bring or do.

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