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“Larry brings the best of both worlds, combining his vast experiences as an entrepreneur AND a lifelong analysis of the entrepreneurial journey. From this singular perch, he delivers that rarest of things: penetrating insight.”

Bijoy Goswami

Author, The Human Fabric

Founder, Bootstrap Network


All of us need it now and then, even founders and leaders.

We need a gut check, we need objectivity, we need to be challenged, we need freshness and newness to remain relevant, valuable and vibrant.

In more than two decades of experiences in and around the entrepreneurial universe, and in roles ranging from founder, to investor, to advisor, to community builder, Lighthouse has seen much. Our experience expands broadly across a wide range of industries and leadership styles. While you may know your industry, product, or market best, what we know best is change, growth, and how to expand value.

One of the things we do best is to help you with Direction: finding it, clarifying the path forward, staying on the right course, even if that means a course change. Let us help you get there... and beyond.

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Of all the important things lighthouses do, the most important is to help ships and their captains know where they are and determine where they should go next.

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