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What Larry does so exceptionally is to cut through the noise to distill down to the important elements. He is consistently able to see a pattern or opportunity and make it relevant and valuable. That is truly unique.

Tripp Eldredge

President, COO Direct Marketing Results


Can you?

If you are a typical founder or senior leader of an entrepreneurial venture, the number of critical things that will float through your head in the time it takes to read these words will strain even your capacity to juggle and prioritize where you spend your time today.

Now ask yourself - how’s your team doing with their mental list? Does it match yours? Is anyone focused on the right things, not just today, but when you consider what it will take to realize your vision?

That’s why you need Lighthouse Consulting.

We’ll help you answer those questions - accurately, and the get and keep you on track to making your vision real.

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Of all the important things lighthouses do, the most important is to help ships and their captains know where they are and determine where they should go next.

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