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Larry is exceptionally gifted in communicating crystal clear insights to people, which demonstrates not only how clearly he thinks, but also that he is a cogent communicator.

Kit Lisle

Founder,  Managing Partner

Acclaro Growth Partners


Most ventures want to grow, even if for a variety of reasons. But the first thing to understand about growth is that growth is not the first thing.


That’s what true entrepreneurs want. They don’t just want to succeed now or create short-term value, but instead to have lasting impact and create value in many forms that grow and expand over time.

If that’s how you see growth (or want to), Lighthouse is the right choice for you, your venture and your dream.

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  1. 2.Resource Acquisition:

    - Fund Raising Guidance

    - Partner Identification

3. Growth & Change Management


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Of all the important things lighthouses do, the most important is to help ships and their captains know where they are and determine where they should go next.

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