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Larry Robertson offers a unique perspective on entrepreneurial success that resonates with my experiences.

More than just pontificate with generalities, his observations are actionable and useful.

Geoff Smart

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Founder, CEO ghSMART


We know where we want to go (direction), now how do we get there?

We knew how to get there once, but now we seem off-track?

Sound familiar?

Strategy is about getting from A to B and arriving there having created greater value than you expected and better, lasting value. Thinking there’s a ‘quick fix’ is a pipe dream. Strategy done right is thoughtful, reconsidered often, appropriate to the circumstances and alive. It isn’t something you consider once in awhile or stick in a binder on a shelf and hope it works.

As guide, co-composer, and honest broker as you journey forward, Lighthouse is a unique and highly valued strategy advisor at any stage. 

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Of all the important things lighthouses do, the most important is to help ships and their captains know where they are and determine where they should go next.

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