The Power of Community

While entrepreneurs tend to get all the credit, the best entrepreneurs know that it takes an entire community, an ecosystem in fact, surrounding the entrepreneur to truly realize a vision. Changes of seismic proportion never come from ‘one’ - one idea, one person, one venture, one form of value, one lifetime. That kind of change takes many.

At Lighthouse we know this well. And we know how to help you find, engage, and obtain the greatest value from your ‘many’.

Your team becomes our team. we bring that team guidance and clarity to do more, for itself. And when necessary, we bring you or introduce you to others who can do the same in their own unique way.



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“Sounding board. Creative questioner. Insightful listener. Experienced advisor. You get all of those qualities when you get Larry on your team. His generosity and love of entrepreneurs shines through in every meeting. I highly recommend him, whether you're just starting out or leader of a large enterprise.”

Lynne Waymon,

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It’s a nice image: one guy and his light. But it never worked that way. Families, and more often teams of families kept the lighthouse going, ever member contributing. It took community.

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