Our Partners

Our Partners

Our Partners

Because the needs of its clients vary, Lighthouse provides skills that are broad, covering all aspects of growth that growing organizations encounter. Yet Lighthouse recognizes that there are times when its clients need specialized skills in certain areas - legal, human resources, financial, marketing, etc. When the client's needs run deeper, Lighthouse has developed an extensive network of specialists which can be tapped to meet these needs. Lighthouse will prepare you to use these resources effectively and guide you to the most appropriate ones.

You can think of our partners this way: if our work with you is like a target and you are the center bull’s eye, Lighthouse is the first ring around you - closest to what you want to do and where you want to be. In two circles around us you will find partners of two types: Industry Specialists and Functional Specialists.

Lighthouse Consulting has an extensive network of partners to which it can turn when its clients need more specialized assistance. The Lighthouse network includes partners offering the following services:

- Legal
- Recruiting and human resources
- Finance and accounting
- Banking
- Marketing and sales
- Public relations
- Web design and network support
- Specialized consulting

Lighthouse will gladly provide references for its clients to specific partners appropriate to their particular needs.

Quick Highlights

Partner types:

    Management and strategy advisors

      w/ specific industry focus

    Functional specialists

Partner relationship format:

    Direct between our client and our partners

Our compensation (from partners):


    We help you define and find the best

    You decide whether or not to work with

      them and how

    We prepare you to use partners effectively

Lighthouses have been around at least since the time of ancient Egypt, the first known one being the Pharos of Alexandria. It was one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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