What People Say

Larry captures the essence of entrepreneurship... as an active engagement process, and by focusing on the path and activity as opposed to the traveler/entrepreneur, he helps us gain a deeper understanding.

Errol Arkilic,

Program Manager, Industrial Innovation and Partnerships

National Science Foundation

Larry has a broad range of experiences from which to draw and an excellent grasp on what matters.”

Brad Whitehead,

CEO, Fund for Our Economic Future

Former McKinsey Partner

“Larry Robertson has for me delicately deconstructed the concept of entrepreneurship, rebuilt it and paraded it back into my mind through many different doors.”

Jim Shaffer

Author, The Leadership Solution

Founder, Jim Shaffer Group

Larry has been at this a long time - before, during, and after the market bubble - and is one of the survivors. There are clear reasons why.”

Mary Knebel

EVP, Alarm.com

Larry offers straight talk, practical experience, and good advice and always goes the extra mile."

Mary MacPherson

Frmr. SVP Marketing, BlackBoard

Founder, M2Works

“Sounding board. Creative questioner. Insightful listener. Experienced advisor. You get all of those qualities when you get Larry on your team. His generosity and love of entrepreneurs shines through in every meeting. I highly recommend him, whether you're just starting out or leader of a large enterprise.”

Lynne Waymon,

CEO Contacts Count

“Larry is the perfect sounding board for the entrepreneur.”

Duke Chung,

Co-founder, CEO Parature

“He’s a big firm consulting brain

without all the worthless baggage.”

Mike Hubbard,

CEO, Founder

Catalyst Health Systems

“Larry brings the best of both worlds, combining his vast experiences as an entrepreneur AND a lifelong analysis of the entrepreneurial journey. From this singular perch, he delivers that rarest of things: penetrating insight.”

Bijoy Goswami

Author, The Human Fabric

Founder, Bootstrap Network

Larry Robertson offers a unique perspective on entrepreneurial success that resonates with my experiences.

More than just pontificate with generalities, his observations are actionable and useful.

Geoff Smart

Author, Who

Founder, CEO ghSMART

What Larry does so exceptionally is to cut through the noise to distill down to the important elements. He is consistently able to see a pattern or opportunity and make it relevant and valuable. That is truly unique.

Tripp Eldredge

President, COO Direct Marketing Results

Larry is exceptionally gifted in communicating crystal clear insights to people, which demonstrates not only how clearly he thinks, but also that he is a cogent communicator.

Kit Lisle

Founder,  Managing Partner

Acclaro Growth Partners

What Larry Robertson does so very well and so uniquely, is to show us the factors and the fundamentals that exist across all forms of entrepreneurship, the ones that lead to the kind of lasting change that moves us forward as communities, as nations, as human beings.

Julie Silard Kantor

Natl. VP, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

What is powerful about Larry Robertson is the way he challenges the more narrow meaning of entrepreneurship and easily translated that meaning into inspired action steps anyone can take.

Ray Leach,

CEO, JumpStart

I have relied on Larry tremendously and he has exceeded my expectations each time. His input is been thoughtful, honest and insightful.

Margarita Rozenfeld,

Founder, CEO, Yes!Circle and Incite Intl.

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Larry’s guidance was fantastic. I was glued to my seat. I am in the midst of writing my business plan and have every intention to revise it according to his sensible and clear suggestions.

Emily Piccirillo,

Founder, Limina

Larry’s obvious experience and professionalism was a cool, clean drink of water in what had become a very muddy environment.

Don DeMoss,

COO, Excurro

Larry’s insight and ability to be a non-threatening resource to assist in a solution was key.

Chris Schellhorn,

COO, Integrion Financial Network

By the level of time, effort and consideration that Larry puts forth in answering questions posed, as well as his efforts in leading discussions, it’s clear that he has a true passion for guiding entrepreneurs to success.

Ben Martin,

Director, Investor Services