Lighthouse Consulting, LLC

360° strategic guidance for leaders and their teams™

it’s what separates Lighthouse Consulting – and you – from the rest.

“There are plenty of consultants, coaches, advisors, and guides out there for leaders and growing ventures, but no one gives you the full picture like Larry Robertson. His is a 360° view.”

Bill Gorog, Cofounder, Lexus Nexus

It’s hard to lead. As individuals. As a team.

Larry Robertson and Lighthouse Consulting will show you how to do so in a way that’s lasting, impactful, value-creating, and uniquely ‘you.’

What do clients get? A lot. Here’s what they say stands out:

  • Clarity of purpose
  • A framework for growth
  • Know-how to make culture a competitive advantage
  • The skill of adaptability ongoing

Strategy made Powerful

Clarity of purpose. The Lighthouse 360° approach gives you unparalleled clarity around purpose and value so that both are actually realized.

A framework for growth. The key output is a framework and a compass for growing to the next level, not simply a plan.

Culture as competitive advantage. Clients gain a cultural sense of the business going beyond ‘what we sell’ to ‘who we are.’

Adaptability ongoing. The 360° approach yields Lighthouse clients advantage that holds no matter the environment.

“What Larry Robertson does so very well and so uniquely is to reveal what’s most fundamental, the themes and things that lead to lasting change and move us forward.”

Tripp Eldredge, CEO DMR Interactive

“Sounding board. Creative questioner. Insightful listener. Practitioner. Experienced strategic advisor. You get all this and more when you have Larry on your team.”

Lynne Waymon, Founder, Contacts Count

Since 1992, Lighthouse Consulting has successfully guided clients to see a bright future – beyond the box.

A Rare and Uniquely Effective Advisor

Uniquely, a lighthouse sheds light in all directions. It helps you see openings and opportunities, not just threats. And it’s expansive, both wide and deep.

Lighthouse Consulting is built to do the same.

Larry Robertson’s distinct background makes the 360° view clients gain possible. Backed by decades of experience as an innovator, advisor, investor, researcher, and award-winning author, three assets for clients stand out:

  • a true strategic advisor
  • a unique breadth of knowledge
  • and a collective and cultural emphasis

a true strategic advisor

Unlike personal leadership coaches focused only on the individual, or management consultants emphasizing just the business, Larry brings a holistic perspective to every client and every project. Working across a wide expanse of sectors and organizations, his expertise is growth: how to anticipate it, manage it, and maximize it.

rare breadth of knowledge

The strategic view Larry offers clients is distinct because it looks at strategy not from a single direction, but from 3 areas vital to ongoing success: entrepreneurship, creativity, and leadership. It’s these skills in combination that make leaders and their teams innovative, adaptable, and resilient – and no one knows their interrelationship better than Larry Robertson.

a collective, cultural focus

While Larry works directly with senior leaders, he emphasizes the connections between leaders, their teams, and the culture of the organization. Clients come to know themselves in context, and in the process, gain clarity and consistency in performance, no matter the environment.

“He’s a big consulting brain without all the worthless baggage.”

Mike Hubbard, Cofounder, Capstone Partners

the Lighthouse 360°perspective is trusted and works

sample client list

  • Discover Channel
  • Visa International
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • American Red Cross
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Environmental Defense Fund
  • Boss Film Studios
  • DMR Interactive
  • Heartstream
  • Intelidata/US Order
  • Sustainable Brands
  • Global Leaders Today magazine
  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Archbold Biological Station
  • Netpreneur
  • Indiggo – Leadership AI
  • Southland Waste Systems
  • Strategic Media Research
  • Lazard Technology Partners
  • Conservation Impact
  • Sonix
  • Catalyst Healthcare Systems
  • University of Arizona Global Campus
  • Mercer Mngmt. Consulting

“Larry combines the best of both: vast experience as an entrepreneur and a lifelong study of the entrepreneurial journey. From this singular perch, he delivers that rarest of things: penetrating insight.”

Bijoy Goswami
Founder, Bootstrap Network

“Leadership isn’t a title. It’s a responsibility, individual and collective. The ripple effects of this matter as never before. Larry Robertson gets this as few do. He opens your mind to a new a necessary way to approach leadership.”

Janeen Gelbart Cofounder, CEO
Indiggo/Return on Leadership

“Larry has a broad range of experiences from which to draw and an excellent grasp of what truly matters.”

Brad Whitehead Sr. Fellow
Brookings Institute
former Partner McKinsey & Company

Through Lighthouse Consulting, Larry has advised leaders in growth, strategy, adaptability, and innovation for nearly three decades.

You can learn about Larry’s other roles as a Fulbright Scholar, an award-winning author, sought after keynote speaker, popular columnist, and more at:

Praise for Larry’s award-winning books …

A Deliberate Pause is an eye-opening read. It offers keen insights for veteran and rookie entrepreneurs alike. It’s the kind of resource you’ll return to time and again, for it offers a smart and useful guide for anyone who wants to think different and turn those thoughts into action.”

— Dan Pink, bestselling author A Whole New Mind, DRIVE, and When

The Language of Man is utterly captivating… Backed by wide-ranging research from neuroscience to philosophy and the engaging stories of some of the most creative people on the planet, Robertson shows how creativity is a mindset, a habit, a choice … bringing the vaunted notion of ‘genius’ out of the clouds and into our everyday lives.”

— Brigid Schulte, New York Times bestselling author, Overwhelmed

“There is no more timely or more important book (than Rebel Leadership) for those who lead in these uncertain times. Uncertainty is our new normal, or as Robertson writes, our new abnormal – leaders either accept this or perish. This brilliant, forward-thinking book, its vivid examples, and deep insights, will help you to not only survive uncertainty, but to thrive in it.”

— Tom Koulopoulos, author of Revealing the Impossible and The Gen Z Effect